Why not join the Consortium?

There are several ways to join the TCHP Education Consortium. You can join as an individual, as a small organization, or as a full consortium partner. Each level of membership is reviewed below and linked to a brochure for your reference.

Full Consortium Membership

Larger organizations can join as full partners in the consortium. This level of membership offers your organization free, unlimited classes (including classes with simulation) and home studies as well as a seat on the Staff Development Committee. This ensures that your organization has a voice in what education is developed. Membership at this level requires a monetary as well as in-kind contribution of faculty and room space in which to hold classes. Brochure>>

Associate Consortium Membership

This level of membership is offered to smaller organizations (less than 250 beds) who want to offer the benefits of consortium membership to their employees at a bargain price. No in-kind support of programming is required. Two levels within this option are available to suit your needs. Organizations joining will have access to all TCHP classes, including those with simulation! Brochure>>

Individual Consortium Membership

This level of membership is offered to individuals who are looking to build their knowledge and skills. For $195 annually, you receive:

 A free, regular one-day course of your choice (up to a $110 value)
 Free regular home studies from the TCHP website (up to a $665 value)


Purchase an Individual Membership>>