Cover Letter with schedule, Pre-reading Materials, and map (if appropriate)

These materials are to prepare you for the class. Please read the materials carefully and complete any pre-reading assignment (if applicable) prior to class time. Click on the class date (below) of the class that you are taking.

Note: You will need to also print the handouts for class. Available no sooner than one week prior to class time. Click to access.



Pre-Class Materials
Critical Care Classes  
Airway, Ventilators, and Critical Care Medications

August 19, 2020

Assessment of the Adult Patient

September 9, 2020; coming soon

Cardiovascular Critical Care

August 13, 2020

CCRN/PCCN Exam Review (Day 1 of 2)


CCRN/PCCN Exam Review (Day 2 of 2)  

Disruption of Organ Systems in Critical Care: Pulmonary, GI, Renal, and Endocrine


Hemodynamics, Shock, and Infection in Critical Care

Neurological Critical Care


ECG Classes  
Advanced 12 Lead ECG Interpretation

September 16, 2020; coming soon

ECG Interpretation (2 days)

August 18+20, 2020

General Interest  

Care of the Chronic and Complex Patient - Day 1


July 20, 2020

Care of the Chronic and Complex Patient - Day 2: A Focus on Rehabilitation


July 21, 2020

End of Life Nursing Education - 2 Days


Fundamentals of Psychiatric Nursing--Day 1 September 21, 2020; coming soon
Fundamentals of Psychiatric Nursing--Day 2 September 22, 2020; coming soon
Nursing Care of the Telemetry Patient

September 14, 2020; coming soon

Nursing Care of the Post-Surgical Patient

August 26, 2020

Tools to Improve Customer Service Skills


Wound Care

September 17, 2020; coming soon


Role Development


Building Leadership Skills


Evidence-Based Practice--

September 15, 2020; coming soon

Precepting with Competence and Confidence