Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Hours

  1. You used to list different numbers for ANCC versus Board of Nursing compliant contact hours but now there is only one number. Why?
    The Minnesota Board of Nursing has changed how they calculate contact hours. This makes it consistent with how contact hours are calculated by ANCC and many other professional organizations.
  2. How do I know if I am a certified nurse?
    Experienced nurses sometimes choose to go through a certification process that involves a lot of studying, paying fees, and taking an exam. The bottom line is, if you are a certified nurse you know it--it is above and beyond what is required to become a registered nurse.

  3. I need my contact hours NOW! How do I get them right away?
    Try our home studies. You can do these in the comfort of your own home, when you have time. Your date of completion will be the date that your home study is received by our office.
  4. How many contact hours do I need to renew my license?
    If you are a nurse in Minnesota, RNs need 24 contact hours every 2 years and LPNs need 12 contact hours every 2 years. We suggest you consult the Minnesota Board of Nursing for more information on license renewal. If you are not a nurse, contact your state board for information: