Home Studies

You will need a password to access a home study program. Please allow time to receive the password in your continuing education plans.

Electronic Post-tests do not need a password, however, you must complete all required questions (they are starred) in order to receive contact hours. If you submit with an incomplete post-test/evaluation, contact hours cannot be issued.

Step by Step directions with screen shots are near the bottom of the page.

All home studies are also designed to fulfill criteria for renewing nursing certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and for fulfilling Minnesota Board of Nursing criteria for continuing education.

If you start a Post-test and close out of the test - you can not go back into the test where you left off. You will have to start it over again.

Critical Care

Home Study Name Contact Hours Price Electronic
Post- test
Cardiovascular System Review 1.80 $18.00

GI, Renal, and Endocrine Systems Review 1.50 $15.00

Pulmonary System Review 2.00 $20.00
Shock in Critical Care Primer 1.50 $15.00
Understanding Adult Hemodynamics: A Primer for Cardiovascular Surgery and Hemodynamic Monitoring 1.80 $18.00


Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Advanced 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Primer 2.00 $20.00
ECG Rhythm Interpretation Primer 1.00



Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Cardiovascular Issues in ElderCare 1.50 $15.00

Changes in Healthy Aging 1.00 $10.00
Gastrointestinal Issues in ElderCare 2.90 $29.00
Mental Health Issues in ElderCare 1.50 $15.00
Metabolic and Endocrine Issues in ElderCare 1.40 $14.00
Musculoskeletal and Skin Issues in ElderCare
1.00 $10.00
Neurological Issues in ElderCare 1.00 $10.00
Pulmonary Issues in ElderCare 1.20 $12.00

General Interest

Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Digoxin Toxicity 1.50 $15.00
Drug Overdose 1.90 $19.00
Fundamentals of Diabetes 3.10 $31.00
Fundamentals of Pain: Being Revised 1.20 $12.00
Kidney Care in the Hospitalized Patient 1.70 $17.00
Management of the Obese Patient 1.75 $17.50
What You Need to Know About MRI 1.00 $10.00
Substance Use Disorder in Health Care Professionals 0.85



Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-Being Revised 1.80 $18.00
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1.80 $18.00
Pediatric Pain Management-Being Revised 2.30 $23.00


Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Foundations of Psychiatry: Introduction 1.60 $16.00
Foundations of Psychiatry: Interventions 2.40 $24.00
Foundations of Psychiatry: Patient Care 1.80 $18.00
Foundations of Psychiatry: Safety 1.00 $10.00

Role Development

Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Patient Education in the Real World-Being Revised 1.60 $16.00

Perianesthesia Nursing Care

Home Study Name Contact Hours Price E-Post- test
Fundamentals of General Anesthesia-Being Revised 3.40 $34.00
Fundamentals of Outpatient Surgery 2.30 $23.00
Promoting Patient Comfort Post-Surgically-Being Revised
1.20 $12.00
Special Populations: Geriatrics, Special Needs, Cultural Competence, and the Obese Patient-Being Revised
3.00 $30.00


Step-by-Step Directions with Screenshots