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Critical Care Classes

Class Date


CCRN®/PCCN® Exam Review-day 1   $110
CCRN®/PCCN® Exam Review-day 2    $110
Disruption of Organ Systems in Critical Care: Pulmonary, GI, Renal, and Endocrine   $110
Hemodyanmics, Shock, and Infection in Critical Care   $110
Neurological Critical Care   $110
General Interest Classes    
Advances in Diabetes Management (1/2 day)

Care of the Rehabilitation Patient -day 1
Care of the Rehabilitation Patient -day 2   $110
End of Life Nursing Education (2 days)

Nursing Care of the Post-Surgical Patient

Nursing Care of the Telemetry Patient   $110
Pain Management in the 21st Century   $55
Pharmacology for APRNs--Day 3   $150
Pharmacology for APRNs--Day 4   $150
Tools to Improve Customer Service Skills

Wound Care   $110
ECG Interpretation    
Advanced 12-Lead ECG Interpretation   $110
ECG Rhythm Interpretation (2 days)    $230.00
Role Development    
Building Leadership Skills $110
Evidence-Based Practice   $110
Precepting with Competence and Confidence   $110
Present Like A Pro: Holding Your Own in Front of a Group   $110


** Some classes may not yet be available for registration. **